Personal Statement

As an architectural designer, I regularly push for the importance of Art within Architecture. To me, Architecture can be defined as the study of space. Regardless of whether said space is flat or dimensional, architecture defines use within an environment. Upon graduating from SCI-Arc with a Master of Architecture, reality set in with issues such as budget and feasibility coming into focus. I quickly realized that these obstacles could have the potential to hinder creative opportunities, and thus shifted my attention to exploring the flat wall. The flat wall provides a uniquely basic opportunity for design and the incorporation of Art. Highlighted in my portfolio are numerous ways in which the wall can be transformed, to provide unique and impactful experiences within an environment. I played two key roles in the selected works, both Project Manager and Lead Designer. - Dylan Perkinson


2015-2017 Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Master of Architecture

2009-2013 Clemson University, B.A. in Architecture and Minor in Fine Arts


Work Experience: 

2017-Current - Atelier Manferdini (Venice, CA) Prior to graduating from SCI-Arc, I was hired by Elena Manferdini as an architectural designer and project manager. 

Project Management: Conceptual thinking for overall project intent. Oversight of employee production. Lead communication with fabricators, engineers, and other professional services. Lead communication between LADBS and plan check officials. Lead technical- and status-related communication with clients.

Employee Management: Management of 1-6 employees; daily tasks, desk crits/ review of work, file organization, and skill-building tutorials.

Design Work: Includes but is not limited to: 3d modeling and rendering of architectural spaces (Rhino/AutoCad/Vray); graphic design for architectural finishes such as wallpaper, vinyl flooring, custom hand tufted carpets, etc. (Adobe Suite); 2d drawings for architectural plans sections and elevations, schematic/construction drawing sets (Rhino/AutoCad/Bluebeam); app development for augmented reality artwork, augmented reality games (Unity/Maya); 3d/2d modeling for product design such as tea/coffee sets and furniture; video production of project documentation, architectural animations,and artistic animations (After Effects/Premiere/Maya/Vray/Keyshot).


2016-Current - SCI-Arc (Los Angeles, CA) While attending SCI-Arc, I was hired as a Assistant Teacher (AT) following two semesters as a Teaching Assistant (TA).

Assistant Teacher (AT): I worked for Peter Trummer(2017) and Elena Manferdini(2017-Present) as an AT in their core studios. As an AT, I am often asked to give studiowide skill-building tutorials for programs such as Rhino, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premiere, Maya, Unity, Autocad, Processing, and Grasshopper. Provide one-on-one desk critiques with students, informing them of the professor's intent and prior critiques. Formal reviews with outside critics for events, such as Midterms and Final Reviews.   

Teaching Assistant (TA): I worked for Maxi Spina(2016) and Elena Manferdni(2017) as a TA in their applied studies classes. My responsibilities were similar to those of an AT, but with a lesser time commitment due to student status.  


Professional Practice:


EverGRANDE Development (Guangzhou, China) Design proposals for EverGRANDE Car museum.

Kaida Center of Science & Design (Dongguan, China) Design of feature interactive wall, glazing graphic, and elevator lobbies for Kaida Center of Science and Design.

FMB Development (Los Angeles, CA) Interior design for a 7-unit condo building at 1013 N Genesee in West Hollywood, CA.

FMB Development (Los Angeles, CA) Obtain building permit for Small Lot Subdivision, two single family homes at 705 Broadway in Venice, CA.

FMB Development (Los Angeles, CA) Design for exterior facades of multi-family housing projects at 950 N Ogden, 7760 Romaine, 1159 N Formosa, and 1408 N Poinsettia in West Hollywood, CA.

Plus Development (Los Angeles, CA) Conceptual design for tennis courts on Tione in Bel Air, CA.


Essex (Los Angeles, CA) Conceptual design for high-rise apartment complex Bunker Hill Towers at 234 S Figueroa St. Conceptual design for exterior garage entry, lobby, and penthouse lobby and corridors.

FMB Development (Los Angeles, CA) Conceptual design for exterior facades for multi-family housing projects at 950 N Ogden, 1159 N Formosa, and 1408 N Poinsettia in West Hollywood, CA.

FMB Development (Los Angeles, CA) Design for exterior facades for multi-family housing projects at 1139 Detroit, 1152 Martel, 1017 Sierra Bonita, and 1046 N Genesee in West Hollywood, CA.

Fort Worth Library (Fort Worth, Texas) Awarded by the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County the interior artwork of the new 8,000 sqft library for children 0-18 years old in Fort Worth Texas – budget $300,000.

Goldrich Kest (Los Angeles, CA) Conceptual design for high-rise apartment complex Promenade Towers at 123 S Figueroa St in Los Angeles, CA. Conceptual design for exterior skin renovation, public spaces, and building signage. 

Lane Crawford (Hong Kong and China) Design of the shopping windows, pop-up stores, and atria for the summer season of Lane Crawford luxury stores in their six locations in Hong Kong and China.


Austin-Bergstrom Airport (Austin, Texas) One of the seven final proposals selected by ABIA for their parking garage and administration building facade in Austin – budget $1,550,000.

Purple Line Bethesda (Washington D.C., MD) Art in Transit winner for the interior of Bethesda’s new train station for the upcoming Purple line in Washington D.C. – budget S367,500.

2016 Whitsett (Los Angeles, CA) Ground up project for fourplex commissioned by private developer at 5901 Whitsett Ave in Van Nuys, CA – budget $1,200,000.

La Peer Hotel (Los Angeles, CA) Permanent gate for the entry of the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood, CA – budget $120,000.

Hermitage (St. Petersburg, FL) Permanent facade for the 8-story garage of the 8-level luxury rental apartment building located in downtown St. Petersburg, commissioned by the Allen Company – budget $100,000.


San Fernando Valley Family Center (Los Angeles, CA) Permanent public art project for interior lobby and exterior garden commissioned by LACounty– budget $650,000.


Public Artwork:


Munroe-Meyer Institute (Omaha, NE) – budget $89,500 - Finalist for Public Art

MLK Hospital (Los Angeles, CA) – budget $165,000 - Finalist for Public Art

Ennis Welcome Center (Ennis, TX) – budget $105,000 - Finalist for Public Art

VIP Port 25 at Port Everglades (Palm, FL) – budget $45,000 - Finalist for Public Art

Port Everglades Midport Parking Structure (Palm, FL) – budget $70,000 - Finalist for Public Art

Southeastern Louisiana University Computer Science and Technology Building (Hammond, LA) – budget $50,000 – Main hallway – Finalist for Public Art

Durham Main Library (Durham, NC) – budget $150,000 – Finalist for Public Art

Atlanta Public Library (Atlanta, GA) – budget $125,000 – Entryway for the interior renovation - Finalist for Public Art 


Color by Numbers, 500 sqft facade for a multifamily condominium in Los Angeles (1013 Genesee Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA);– budget $30,000




“Wall Paper”, an AR landscape at “Touch”, a collective show at Signs Gallery 2020. (January 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey)  


  “Wall Paper”, an AR landscape at Tallinn Architectural Biennale 2019, Beauty Matters. (September 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia)


  “Building the Picture”, at CAADRIA 2018, the 23rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia. (May 2018 in Beijing, China)

      "A Line of Inquiry”, solo show curated by Anthony Morey at A+D Museum (February-March 2018 in Los Angeles, CA)


"Chicago Architectural Biennial: Make New History”, group show curated by Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston at Chicago Cultural Center. (September 2017-January 2018 in Chicago, IL)

Urban Fabric Rugs exhibition at Art Labor Gallery featuring 2 full-scale rugs designed by Atelier Manferdini and a series of printed silks. (July-August 2017 in Shanghai, China)

"CAB”, solo show at ToCo Haus Gallery of 60 miniatures printed drawings, four large prints of a building proposal for Infonavit Mexico, a selection of artwork produced for the Chicago Architectural Biennial. (August-September 2017 in Los Angeles, CA)

"Twoness”, solo show at ToCo Haus Gallery of 66 miniatures printed drawings and 12 samples of hand woven carpets designed by Atelier Manferdini for Urban Fabric Rugs. (January-July 2017 in Los Angeles, CA)



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2013 Research Assistant: Lee, David “Responsive Origami”, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture 101st Proceedings: New Constellations / New Ecologies, Ed: lla Berman and Edward Mitchell, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA 2013. ISBN 978-0-935502-84-8