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East Family Library

Fort Worth, Texas

The library typology is a topic requiring contemporary rethinking, in terms of its role as an educator and as the knowledge receptacle of society. Augmented Landscapes, attempts to take these two topics on by providing a technological instrument to re-inspire youth’s perception of the library and the role it plays in their lives. Digitally fabricated landscapes are transformed into graphic flooring and portray two themes, Land and Water. These analogy compositions provide a portal into their augmented and educational world. Users can access this augmented world using the custom designed smartphone app. When the user’s devices see the landscape via on board camera, an augmented world emerges with animated and interactive flora and fauna. Users can click on animals to learn fun facts about them. The app acts as a digital wayfinding allowing users to explore independently and at their own leisure. East Family Library engages with its users and inspires learning through interaction.

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