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A Super Short Film | 6-Minute Running Time


We construct our identities through the tropes of social media. And social media itself is a $200 million mega industry. Our Western ideals of glamor, beauty and popularity are clicked into existence by fingers in developing countries. Vincent was a nobody when he moved to Los Angeles. He is now an Instagram celebrity, thanks to Yash, a click farmer in India who clicks Vincent’s glamorous lifestyle into reality. Visible in the square crop of Vincent’s Instagram photos, the physical fragments of Vincent’s world manifest themselves in the imaginations of his audience, multiplying across landscapes, out of scale and out of context. Physical and virtual reality are one and the same.

A Film By

Dylan Perkinson | Mun Yi Cheng | Yunxin Hu | Ruizi Qin | Feifei Zhang 


Vincent - Dylan Perkinson 

Yash - Rishabn Mendhiratta 

Original Score

Paul Cecchetti

Special Thanks 

Liam Young

Alexey Marfin 

Tushar Prakash



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