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Lane Crawford

Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, TSQ Hong Kong

Lane Crawford is a retail company which sells luxury goods in Hong Kong and China. Founded in Hong Kong in 1850, Lane Crawford has more than 50,000 square meters of retail space, including several physical locations throughout China, in addition to an online store. Lane Crawford strives to discover new forms of expression through their global exclusive collections, unique art collaborations, and partnerships with emerging local talent. As part of their global program “What is Art for You”, in 2018 the company Art Director asked Elena Manferdini to reimagine the shopping windows, pop-up stores, and entry lobbies of their 8 stores in Hong Kong and China. Atelier Manferdini designed 8 digital landscapes which come alive through custom Augmented Reality Applications. While immersive vinyl printed landscapes act as a theatrical backdrop for the clothing, a series of flat screens run the digital animations of fields of flowers and insects moving in the wind. Viewers from outside the shopping window can look at the clothing through their smart phones and can use the app to see the insects flutter around the mannequins. The viewer can also take pictures, record videos and share their augmented reality experience online.

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