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Chain Reaction Machine

In this project I learned the fundamentals to metalworking, junkyard diving, welding, grinding, and cutting. The goal was to create a “trap,” something to captivate the audience. I chose to create a chain reaction machine that would turn on and off a television. Television screens capture the attention of most unoccupied bystanders, so I wanted to trick them. I recorded the movement of the machine and had it playing on a loop. When the machine was activated, the screen would play the loop and shut of within seconds. The viewers would repeat this process until they realized the video was a recording of the machine. The motion captured with film could be seen live if they simply looked below the screen.



In this project, I was asked to explore the idea of growth. Learning is a fundamental component of growth, yet the way we are educated is very direct. When humans learn with multiple senses, they are more likely to absorb the knowledge. When a viewer approaches the sculpture they are asked to interact with the object. Their interactions are countered with physical reactions of sound, movement, and physical contact. Each sense is teaching the user a different components of piece. The user tends to understand the object rolls, and as it rolls the cubes create different shapes. I hope to encourage people to become more active in their environment. To learn from their actions, and to understand they have a reaction. These reactions help expand our knowledge, and allow us to grow in a more efficient way.           

A Day of my Life

There are two types of people; people who work to live, and people who live to work. The key is to find something you enjoy doing, and get paid doing it. I have found that niche; it’s the design of art and architecture. In this film, I track my entire day, highlighting the ups and down. Showing that events, which are often considered to be pleasure, also contain frustrations and pain. The same is true for events that are often considered as work. They key is to take these frustrations in stride, and continue doing what you enjoy.

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