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Sky Farm

Sky Farm explores an alternative to conventual farming. From the beginning of time, humans have planted crops and prayed for the best. Nature's inconsistency results in a consistent overproduction of crops. Sky Farm tries to unify Chicago by introducing a vertical farm into the city. Suspended farming pods surround the structure's core. These pods move with the wind, creating a kinetic sculpture to help spread awareness, and absorb Chicago's constant flow of wind energy. These pods are maintained by the core's occupants, which vary from students, teacher, office workers, and apartment owners. Agriculture does not need to account for 20% of fossil fuel and 70% of our fresh water consumption. Crops can be grown year-round without harmful by-products.

Bubble Wrap

Inflation adds life to the static word of architecture. With this technology we react with, not against our environments. In this project my partner and I created a prototype for a covered walkway. We were inspired by the new form of bubble wrap, which allows air to flow between the bubbles. This innovation prevents the bubbles from popping, and allows for excess stress. Our greatest challenge was to create a lightweight but rigid structure. Steal studs became the ideal building material, because of their weight and rigidity. To reduce the amount of moving parts, we used the simple structure of a clothes drying rack. An electric blower can be used to  open and inflate the walkway. This technology will make rainy days a little brighter.

Forte Sperone
Kinetic Anatomy of H2O
Chicago Mapping Exercise 

Forte Sperone was designed and used for war and violence. After decades of abandonment, the fort has fallen into decay requiring a new vision to save a major part of history for the city of Genova, Italy. Our design focuses on re-purposing the fort as a place for relaxation and meditation. In order to achieve this, a variety of spaces from thermal baths to meditation pods were created to allow for congregation and seclusion to focus on one's self. During a journey through the fort one will experience places for contemplation in between the myriad destinations.  The fort offers a rare opportunity to completely escape the commotion of Genova and experience silence and solitude. Thus, a space of abandonment and anger becomes a place to rediscover oneself.

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